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Best Read Aloud You’ve Never Heard of: The Smartest Man in Ireland

From Reading By Example, by Matt Renwick, school principal. Follow his blog.

Reading By Example

I wrote this post to summarize a book I had read aloud to 3rd graders. The students and teacher saw how I embedded a Glog into a post on our school blog (which you see here).

Recently, I shared the book The Smartest Man in Ireland by Mollie Hunter with Mrs. Hafermann’s 3rd graders. They really enjoyed this novel for a variety of reasons.


Character Development

Patrick Kentigern Keenan learned a very important lesson throughout the book. He had a tendency to brag about how intelligent he was, hence the title. People didn’t believe him, though, because the fairies and leprechauns tricked him. For example, when Patrick painted two coins gold to pay for shoes made by leprechauns, they kidnapped his son Kieron until he paid them back with work. Patrick got to keep the shoes, but he learned not to steal what is not his.

Interesting Details

Patrick found…

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