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Brigid of the Tuatha de Danann: Visit Her Ladyship’s Quest

Check out Brigid’s character profile on Her Ladyship’s Quest!

Once A Goddess is the first in the Brigid trilogy.  Brigid is trapped between the will of her people and the desires of her heart. For the sake of peace, she enters into an arranged marriage with the enemy prince, sacrificing her own chance at happiness. Her duty is to protect the secrets of the Tuatha de Danann, risking her own life to do so.

Tracy Falbe is showcasing characters from new and upcoming authors, and I’m very excited that she invited Brigid to be a part of her guest blog series!

Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions about Brigid’s story and the mythology of the Irish Tuatha de Danann, either here or over at Her Ladyship’s Quest.

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