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St. Brigid’s Day. Birth of Lambs, hope toward spring. February.

Those who celebrate the early days of this month will honor Brigid, in two of her aspects. February 1st marks the start of spring on the Celtic calendar, also known as the festival of Imbolc. An ancient day where we ask for Brigid’s to blessings  

Imbolc, St. Brigid’s day, Candlemas. It’s also the Catholic celebration of the Feast of St. Brigid, or Candlemas.

Myth and legends of Brigid, both goddess and saint, overlap.Imbolc is one of the four quarter days on the Celtic calendar, falling halfway between the winter and spring equinoxes. Although the word “imbolc” refers to lactating ewes, Celtic celebrations included lighting fires and candles as a way to welcome the light of spring. In ancient mythology, Brigid is known as the “Fiery Arrow,” goddess of the flame. 

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