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Interviews: Once A Goddess

Mark your calendars! ParaYourNormal Blog Talk Radio Interview on Weds April 4! 6:30 pm est.

ParaYourNormal Blog Interview

Reviews of Once A Goddess…

Once A Goddess reviews on… … “Unique, fascinating and magical story that kept me turning the pages…”

Historical Novel Review  …”It is an emotionally provocative and compelling story…”

History and Women  …”Unrequited love, passionate liaisons, lies and deception, treachery and betrayal line this novels pages…”

Unusual Historicals

Hazel the Witch …”The story itself follows the myth of Túatha dé Danann, but the author managed to turn it into a captivating, strong, and powerful story…”

Curse of the Bibliophile …”Once A Goddess was a profoundly magical story…”

Simplistik Halloz Books …”I’m looking forward to the rest of the series when the time comes…”

Canterbury Books, UK

Please contact me if you’d like a review copy of Once A Goddess. I’d be glad to send a paperback or email an e-book.


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