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Page 69 challenge: #Irish #historical #fantasy excerpts from Sheila Lamb’s BRIGID series

Page 69 challenge! Love today’s stop at on the Virtual Book Tour!

Barb Taub

That was Marshall McLuhan's advice anyway. I invite readers to submit their own or other works (pg. 69 only of course!) via the Contact Form here.

Today I’m joining Sheila Lamb’s virtual book tour with a Spotlight and page 69 excerpt from her Brigid Irish Fantasy series


Book 2 Cover

Genre: Irish Fantasy

Brigid, a gifted druid priestess, seeks to preserve Ireland’s ancient religion when Christianity broaches its shores. Through a dangerous ritual, Brigid remembers her past life – a rare power – as a goddess of the Túatha de Danann. She must hide this secret from druids in her own order who are jealous of the talent she possesses and would use their combined magic to seize her power. When she confronts Patrick, the charismatic leader of the newly-arrived Christians, she realizes they have a shared history, tied together by a bond formed lifetimes before. As Brigid persists in…

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