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Small Steps. First Steps. And Coffee.

“Whenever you are in a negative state, there is something in you that wants the negativity, that perceives it as pleasurable, or that believes it will get you what you want…If in the midst of negativity you are able to realize, “At this moment, I cam creating suffering for myself,”…It will open up infinite possibilities.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Resistance. We all experience it. Usually when the alarm clock goes off. When the traffic jams. We resist the Now daily. We don’t want to be in that place, waking up to another workday, sitting behind four thousand other cars in an interminable commute.

Yet…in all of these things, we can find acceptance. We can find peace. Even at that 6 a.m. blare of noise.

So. How do we turn our disdain to. acceptance? Small steps. First step.


What is good about 6 a.m.? How about that first cup of coffee? What about that sunrise? What about an eager dog waiting to be fed? The few minutes of quiet before everyone else in the house is awake? Traffic jam? More coffee? Time to enjoy the radio show? Your favorite song on your playlist? Sing along with it (see if anyone in the cars next to you catch you singing! Maybe that will brighten their morning too!)

By the way. I’m not that cheery. I’m not. I’m not a morning person. I’m fairly grumpy until that third cup of coffee takes hold. But I’m trying. And coffee is good.


It’s Monday. We can’t change it. We may need to take action and make later plans, but for now, it’s Monday.  Things are as they are. Let’s try to turn our resistance into acceptance.

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