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What’s Your Sign?

Just as a pick up line in a bar needs to be rehearsed so that it doesn’t * sound* like a pick up line (not that I’d know anything about this), your manuscript one liner needs to roll off the tongue, be conversational, as well as short, sweet, and concise.

You need to be able to explain the plot to someone who has absolutely no idea what it’s about, who your characters are, or the far away setting. You and probably your critique group know all of this inside and out – but can you tell it without getting into all the nitty-gritty details?

Can you pitch it? Can you hook a new reader in one sentence or less?

It’s taken me several months of mulling over to it down to the following one-liner’s below. Let’s see if it works!

Feedback welcome. Just please don’t throw a drink in my face 🙂

Once A Goddess:

In ancient Ireland, Brigid risks her life and sacrifices her secret love to save her people from Bres, her enemy and her husband.

Fiery Arrow:

When Brigid, a druid priestess, and Patrick, a Christian priest meet in Celtic Ireland, they are torn between their opposing missions and their desire for each other.

Recommended websites that helped me:

Hilari Bell on

Writer’s Digest

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